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What is the H-1B visa?

The H-1B visa is a nonimmigrant work visa that allows united state employers to work with international employees for specialized work that call for a bachelor’s degree or equivalent. This can consist of professions in areas such as IT, financing, design, architecture, or even more.

In this guide:

  • H-1B Visa Eligibility
  • Understanding The H-1B Visa Cap
  • The H-1B Visa Process
  • Common Questions
  • What’s Next
  • FAQs

H-1B Visa Qualification

In order to be qualified for the H-1B visa, you will certainly need:

  • A task offer from a U.S. employer for a duty that needs specialty knowledge
  • Evidence of a bachelor’s degree or matching in that area
  • Your company must reveal that there is an absence of certified united States candidates for the role.

Understanding The H-1B Visa Cap

Prior to you can get in the USA under the H-1B category as well as beginning work, you may need to register with U.S. Citizenship and Migration Services (USCIS) and be picked to use.

Due to the fact that there is a great deal of demand for this visa, there is a cap on the variety of visas that can be provided annually. Currently, the cap goes to 65,000 visas per. If you have a master’s level from a United States organization, after that you remain in good luck: there are an additional 20,000 visas offered for those that have a master’s degree or higher. If the employer who is sponsoring you is an organization of college, a not-for-profit company linked to an institute of higher education, or a government research study organization, after that the visa cap does not apply.

If you are hoping to apply for an H-1B visa and also your profession undergoes the cap, after that you will need to register with USCIS online to go into a lottery. To do this, you will require to create an online account with USCIS. If you currently have a USCIS account, then you will still require to produce a separate represent the registration procedure.

Then, you will certainly need to pay a registration fee and also fill in basic information regarding the company that is funding you, along with a few information concerning yourself. Additionally, an attorney or rep can develop an account as well as register in your place.

The enrollment period just runs for 2 weeks yearly. If you don’t register however your occupation is not exempt from the cap, you will not be able to get the H-1B visa.

Once you have registered, you will certainly have the ability to see your status in your USCIS account. If an attorney or an agent has declared you, they will be able to see your condition in their account.

The account will certainly show your standing as one of the following:

  • Sent: You have sent your registration and also it stands.
  • Chosen: You are able to request an H-1B visa.
  • Not Selected: You were not picked to request an H-1B visa this time.
  • Rejected: If you sign up for the possibility to make an application for an H-1B visa with the very same company numerous times, USCIS will regard all your registrations as invalid.
  • Invalidated-Failed Settlement: You registered but your settlement didn’t experience.

When the enrollment period has finished, USCIS will allow you to recognize if you have been picked. Your enrollment has to be selected if you wish to get an H-1B visa unless you are eligible for an exemption. If you are not chosen, USCIS will certainly allow you or your representative to know once the H-1B cap has been gotten to that year.

The H-1B Visa Refine

As soon as you have been selected to make an application for the H-1B visa, your employer can start the process by submitting an application on your behalf.

To do this, your company will require to send a Labor Condition Application (LCA) to the Department of Labor (DOL) for Qualification. The objective of the LCA is to verify that your employer will certainly pay you the same wage as other similarly qualified workers in the very same geographical location and that your working conditions will not impact other employees.

When the LCA has been accredited by the DOL, your company will have to full Form I-129, Petition for a Nonimmigrant Employee, and also file both the LCA and the I-129 to USCIS, together with any costs and also extra documentation. These other records might consist of evidence of your education and learning, any training certificates or specialist membership papers if pertinent, your return to, a verification letter of employment, a letter of support, and also any required fees.


If your Kind I-129 is approved, then there are two choices for you, depending upon whether you remain in the United States already or not.

If you are within the United States on various visa groups, you should wait till your H-1B visa status becomes energetic in order for you to begin working.

If you are outside the USA, after that you will certainly need to get consular processing. To do this, you will need to total Kind DS-160, which will certainly take around 90 mins to fill out. You will also require to pay the application fee, and arrange an interview at a United States consular office or consulate near you.

When you have organized an interview, you will require to bring papers such as:

Your ticket. This should be valid for at least 6 months beyond your desired day of the entrance to the United States

  • A printout of the verification page from your Form DS-160.
  • A duplicate of your accepted I-129 petition as well as your I-797 approval.
  • Invoices showing you have paid your application costs.
  • A passport-sized photo of you that follows united States State Division needs.

During your meeting, you may be asked inquiries about your own, the job, your experience, the company, and your traveling background.

Usual Inquiries

Will my household have the ability to feature me, if I hold an H-1B visa?

Yes, your spouse as well as any kind of unmarried children under the age of 21 might be able to accompany you on H-4 visas.

How long will I be able to remain and also work in the united state on an H-1B visa?

The H-1B visa stands for 3 years and can be prolonged for approximately 6.

Can my partner work?

It depends. If your partner holds an H-4 visa, they may be able to get employment authorization if you, the H-1B visa owner, get on track to obtain a permit.

What’s Next

Presently, H-1B visa holders may obtain a permit. Nevertheless, there may be prolonged hold-ups. This indicates that any kind of youngsters that relocated with you may “age out” of their visa condition, which is tied to your H-1B visa. Under the existing system, if they transform 21 before your permit is accepted, they will require to obtain an additional visa to stay, such as a pupil visa. The Biden management may eliminate this, as well as likewise make it simpler for dependents of H-1B visa holders to get work consent.

If you’re preparing to transition from an H-1B visa to a family member or marriage permit, Limitless can aid you to understand what to anticipate. Learn more about just how Limitless can help you make the switch smoothly.

Frequently asked questions

1) When can I sign up online for the H-1B Visa, as well as when will I understand the outcomes?

The dates vary each year, however in 2021, USCIS announced that people can sign up for the H-1B lottery in March and that it would certainly allow individuals to understand if they had actually been chosen to apply for an H-1B visa by the end of March 2021.

How do I examine the outcomes of the H-1B lottery?

To see if you are eligible to declare an H-1B visa, you can examine your USCIS online account. The account will reveal the standing of your application.

Can I quicken my H-1B visa?

Yes, cost handling is available for the H-1B visa. To request premium processing, you will certainly require to send Type I-907, Ask For Costs Handling Solution, as well as pay the declaring fee to USCIS. You can do this at the same time as you file your Form I-129 petition.

If you have actually currently filed your application, you can ask for premium processing at a later date by sending your form to the exact same service facility as your original Form I-129.

Can I take a trip outside the united state on the H-1B visa?

Having a legitimate visa enables you to visit a U.S. port of access and demand entry to the united state. If you leave the united state for traveling and return, as long as your H-1B visa is still legitimate, you may be able to be admitted on H-1B status. You may want to bring evidence of your employment or your visa credibility with you to offer at the border.

When can I start filing my H-1B visa application?

If your H-1B visa is subject to the cap, you will certainly require to register online first. You need to remember that being picked in the lottery enables you to get a visa for the adhering to fiscal year.

If you are selected, you and also your company can petition for an H-1B visa on your behalf. You can anticipate having around 90 days to make an application for your visa, yet the filing period and also area will certainly be on your H-1B Enrollment Option Notice from USCIS. You can look for your visa approximately six months prior to your visa beginning the day.

Where do I submit my H1-B visa application?

If your H-1B visa is under the cap as well as you have actually been selected to make an application for a visa, your option notice will certainly let you understand which USCIS address you can submit your application at. If the H1-B visa cap does not apply to you, for example, if you are being utilized by an institute of college, then you can file your application at the USCIS California service center.

Can I extend my H-1B visa?

Your H-1B visa is usually legitimate for three years, as well as can normally be extended for up to six years. To do this, your company will need to finish and also file Form I-129 once again on your behalf, in addition to any kind of sustaining documents and pay the filing fee.

Can I shift from the H-1B visa to a green card?

The H-1B visa is a dual-intent visa, which indicates that of course, you can get a green card. Learn even more about just how Limitless can assist you via the process.

That can sponsor the H-1B visa?

Any kind of U.S.-based employer can sponsor the H-1B visa and also register to submit an application on your behalf.

 Can I look for an H-1B visa if I do not work first?

Due to the fact that the H-1B visa is an employment-based visa and you will require your employer to submit specific kinds for you, you will require a job offer prior to you are eligible to request the H-1B visa.

Is there a ban on H-1B visas?

In June 2020, Head of state Trump released an exec order stopping H-1B visas from being refined. That executive order has actually currently run out, and also you can currently proceed to prepare your H-1B visa application.

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